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Why The Cost Of Barcode Printers Has Been Receding In Recent Years

We have noticed a trend where the cost of barcode printers has been receding in the recent years. This is pretty much what explains why even the smallest organizations can nowadays afford to purchase their own barcode printers. One may recall that several years ago, only the very biggest organizations could afford this type of equipment. Thus, whilst smaller organizations may have desired to develop barcode based checkout and asset tracking systems, the sheer cost of printers would put them off. May Quet Ma Vach The more tenacious could still make utilize barcodes, but with the codes being printed elsewhere (at the premises of the bigger firms that could afford the same printers).

Now the question before us is at to what explains the recession in the pricing of such barcode printers. And several factors can be seen as being behind the situation:

Advancement in the technology they are based upon: in electronics and related fields, we tend to see a pattern where advancement in various technologies automatically results in a fall in the pricing of gadgets based on the same technologies. Barcode printers have not been an exception to this. The state of the technology underlying them was miles behind what it is today. And in the days when the technology was still in its infancy, it was understandable that the barcode printers made then would cost a lot. But as the technology advances, cheaper and more efficient ways of doing the various things that go into the making of printers keep on coming up. The end result is an exponential fall in the price of the said barcode printers.

Growth in demand for the barcode printers: the economic principles at work here are quite complex. When relatively few people had need for the barcode printers, the makers would have charged a higher price for the few printers they sold, in order to break-even. But as more and more people see the need for checkout based on barcodes, and as more and more organizations adapt asset tracking based on barcodes, the demand for the printers kept on going up. The end result is a situation where the makers of the barcode printers can afford to charge a lower pricing for their products – since the fixed costs of production are shared out between far more barcode printer units than was the case when fewer units of the printers were being made.

Entry of more printer makers into the market: this is about the well known paradigm, where the entry of more players in a given market has the effect of creating competitive pressure, which forces price-based competition. Thus, when the makers of printers were few and far between, they could form cartel-like structures and literally conspire to keep prices of the devices up. But now that there are more players, it becomes a battle where survival is for the fittest, and where one of the fronts on which the battle is fought is the pricing front.

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