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Christmas Sermon Outlines – Prayer

Prayer is a topic that gets talked about very often. It may even be mentioned in your Christmas sermon outlines. This is great as it is an important topic to include. But far too often prayer does not get mentioned as a part of the process as we prepare to purchase, write or share these sermons. This is trap that many people fall into but it is also a trap that we must work our way out of.

One of the dangers of being in ministry is that we see it as a job. It is a job in the since that it is our profession and we earn an income for what we do. But it does not mean that we should treat all of what we do like a job. Too onde abundou o pecado often we begin to see the things we do as just tasks like any other profession has. It all become routine and we decide that we can do everything in our own strength. This is not a good attitude to have about any part of the ministry we do but it is especially dangerous when it creeps into the preparation of our Christmas sermon outlines.

If we are writing or purchasing things that we will be preaching we cannot do that in our own strength. This will mean that it is our words preached in our own strength instead of god’s word that he is speaking through us. Not only does the former have far less power but it can get you into trouble. It is always a dangerous thing when you begin to preach in your own power. You tend to say things that not only do not matter can also be hurtful or lead others astray.

Prayer is the key to avoiding doing things in your own power. As you prepare to write or purchase your Christmas sermon outlines, as you study them, and as you share them, make sure that you bathe all of these activities in prayer.

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